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Photo Academy: Anypose

Introduction. This article is nothing, but paradox. I will not say even one word about shooting a pic this time, but... I, personally, can't imagine making any SL photo without informations I am going to spread below... Let's make some poses today! It's another pretty important part of photoshooting in SL. Obviously,

Photo Academy: Lights!

Introduction. I think we don't need to discuss how important lights are for any photography activities, no matter if we consider SL or real life. Light is the brush that paints the image and it's essential to use it consciously. Second Life(r) offers us tools to use lighting in various ways

Photo Academy: SL Viewer’s Graphic Settings

Introduction. Many of us is well aware of graphical options in SL Viewers, but questions about them appear again and again. I do not intend to save the world with this post, I know questions will never stop (what is good, dare to ask!), but maybe it would help someone understand

Photo Academy: Simple Portrait

Short Introduction. It often happens people ask me "How have you done this or that?" in Second Life's photography. I admit I would love to find enough time to share all I know about it, but repeating it to every single person asking might be not very effective, so let me