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Magazine Issue 46

First themed Aroused! issue ever! You must check it out then, I think. Second Life version for free here: website version for free here: Enjoy!

Listen! It’s… ENT SL Radio!

Aroused! Magazine Team is happy to announce we've just started collaboration with ENT SL Radio. Let me give the voice to the owner of the station, Shane Foresight:   ENT SL Radio is the No1 listed radio station in SL. With over 4000 in world members and over 23000 website visits, ENT SL

Weekly Subjective Look – Pictures

Welcome to another week and the selection made by Larah. Here's what we have...   "Laid to Rest" by JJ Domzarjs   "I will be remembering you for ever" by NefrytkaResident   "Kym" by Alician Jecies   "@happyassmonday" by Zaza>>do it with passion or not at all ♥   "Finally" by Aida diLeto Lundquist   "Unforgiven..." by ღ JⒶGgŸ ღ   "Witchcraft" by Zanthle   "The

Photo Academy: Anypose

Introduction. This article is nothing, but paradox. I will not say even one word about shooting a pic this time, but... I, personally, can't imagine making any SL photo without informations I am going to spread below... Let's make some poses today! It's another pretty important part of photoshooting in SL. Obviously,