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Weekly Subjective Look: Pictures

We do love pictures, right? And there are people who view hundreds of them, spending hours every day, looking for these best ones. Larah Sa’fir is one of them and this is why I asked her to prepare weekly list of best, in her opinion, pictures she’s seen on flickr. Here’s her compilation of ten lovely photographies made by SL talented artists:


Thankful Every Day by Serenity Found

Olivia by Nanika Crimea

Hidden Despair by Enzo Elman

Demon Wings by Diablo Balazic

On top form (2/3) by Isla grace

Bicycle 9 by Harley Islar

Chrystal Snow by Corsario Lionheart

Hard-on … by Iris Okiddo

11 Mmmmmmm by Jeanette SL


Overcoming Reluctance To Submission with an Enticing Invitation by Nikolas Frederix

See you next week in another part of our subjective view at the adult arts!

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