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Extended Virtuality: Dokie’s Rendevouz

Dokie (dokielicious.doobie) in SL adult industry is the personality that needs no introducing, in my opinion. She’s really a veteran in this business, with very original style, totally creative and full of ideas. You may like or dislike what she does, but you can not be neutral, and well, I do like her art definitely.

Dokie brought some nice pictorial to Aroused! Magazine, and we used it here, of course, but in a bit unconventional way. I also had the pleasure to ask her few questions about her photography:

Marika: Please, tell us a little about your art work: how do you get ideas for your set and pictures, how long does it take to work on them?
Dokie:  My ideas really come from everywhere – so many things might inspire a particular pic idea, that its hard to narrow down.   However, almost all of my ideas go through an imaginative vetting process, where they get developed in detail before sets or wardrobe or poses are even finalized.  The whole process, from setting up to final picture, could take many hours just for one picture, but the average is probably 3-4 hours total.

Marika: You definitely love to show explicit side of Second Life (what I personally understand totally), so harder is always better?
Dokie:   I wouldn’t say it’s always better.  It’s just what turns me on artistically most of the time.  I’m all for less hardcore and more erotic, but the hardcore and often be more fun to portray.  After all, for me, this is all about expressing the fun side of our sexuality, in addition to the sensual side.

Marika: Your pictures tell stories, how important is it to you to do them this way?
Dokie:   It’s something I definitely love doing.  Obviously, not every picture needs to tell a story.  But I think when it does, it adds a dimension of detail and atmosphere to the picture that can often be pleasantly surprising and entertaining for a viewer, not to mention fun as hell for me to think up and incorporate.   In this sense, almost everything you see visually in one of my pictures was placed there deliberately – there’s rarely ever the appearance of a random prop.

Marika: How do you pick models for your photographies?
Dokie:   I don’t exactly have a process, but admittedly, the vast majority of the models that appear in my pictures or comics are alts of mine.   Production-wise, they are easier and more efficient to work with than actual people, for obvious reasons.  But then it comes to working with real people, the selection is usually just a matter of the right timing lol.   Also, a person’s chances of being in one of my pics increases exponentially if that person approaches me with a solid, thought-through picture idea that I can jump into producing right away.  Just sayin’.

Marika: Tell us a little more about this set. It’s only teaser inside the magazine, so our Readers would need to visit magazine’s blog, so how could you encourage them as the author of this pictorial?
Dokie:    If you like hot, steamy explicitly naked action under the blazing Arizona sun, then this is the pictoral for you!


So, let’s have a look!












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